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The CT Group can advise you on all business, legal and, if desired, personal issues to do with your company. As your partner, we always think in terms of the future with long-term goals rather than pursuing short-term ones. Commerzial Treuhand is unique in many respects: individual at your premises consultancy is backed up by centralised teams of experts, who look after your interests as a German small or medium-sized enterprise, a self-employed person, private individual, charity, club, society or public-sector institution.

Aktuelles von CT

09.08. 2018

Kindergeld und Freibeträge: Bundesregierung möchte Steuerzahler ab 2019 entlasten

Direkt zu Beginn ihrer Amtszeit hat die neue Bundesregierung den Entwurf für ein Familienentlastungsgesetz beschlossen. Konkret ist geplant, das Kindergeld ab 01.07.2019 um monatlich 10 € pro Kind anzuheben.